Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Hair Care Army

Here are my current hair products. Yes they are all Loreal but it is not really a brand loyalty in fact I am not totally happy about them.

First one is a leave in product called texture, it is not so bad for the price but I definitely prefer Redken Glam Shine than this one.

Second one is my favorite shampoo "Silver". It is not for daily or weekly use but I use it once a week anyway. What it really does is saving you any glows (orange color after bleaching) on hair. I take size of a coffee spoon, foam it and leave it on my hair for 20 minutes. It gives an ashy shine to my hair.

Last ones are a shampoo and a conditioner for blondes. I think the shampoo is very useful but the conditioner runs out pretty fast. Next time I am thinking to buy Dove's conditioner, which protects the hair against heat. I always use hair straightener or curling iron and last thing I want is a messy blonde hair looks cheap ...

DIY - Decoration Addition

Recycle it!


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